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Atascadero Police Department Organization Chart

Specialty Assignments

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The Atascadero Police Department Investigations Unit currently has one Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, and two Special Enforcement Detectives. All the personnel in the Investigations Unit are being cross-trained so they are all able to work independently or as a team investigating crimes against property and crimes against persons.

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The Support Services Unit of the Atascadero Police Department includes six Support Services Technicians (SST's) or Dispatchers and one SST Lead Technician.  The Support Services Unit receives and dispatches all emergency 911 and non-emergency calls for assistance, including requests for police, fire, and emergency medical personnel.

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The primary objective of the Atascadero Police Department K-9 Unit is to reduce hazard exposure to uniformed patrol officers as they carry out their public safety mission. When fully staffed, the unit is authorized two officer handlers and their respective service dogs. The program is overseen by a sergeant.

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Crime Scene Investigations

Picture1.jpgThe Atascadero Police Department Property and Evidence Technician is allied with the Investigations Unit and is responsible for the collection and storage of evidence and property, including forensic or trace evidence. The Property and Evidence Technician responds to crime scenes to assist with the more complex identification and recovery of evidence. That evidence may include fingerprints, blood and semen samples, tool marks, or photographs. As even a casual viewer of the current proliferation of "CSI" television shows can attest, criminal investigations are more often demanding detailed and highly scientific crime scene investigations.

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Atascadero Police Department Traffic Unit

The goal of the Atascadero Police Department Traffic Unit is to promote traffic safety through a combination of education and traffic enforcement. The Traffic Unit currently has one full time motor officer, a Traffic Sergeant who is assigned to a patrol team, and three trained volunteers. The members of the Traffic Unit are responsible for reviewing all traffic collision reports submitted by Department personnel, fatal and felony hit and run traffic collisions, reviews and responds to all citizens complaints regarding traffic issues. In addition the Traffic Unit is also in charge of the City’s vehicle abatement program and is responsible for public safety during special events such as Cruise Night, Colony Days and Winter Wonderland. The Traffic Unit also conducts in house training to Departmental personnel on a variety of traffic related issues.

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The Special Response Team, or SRT, was created to allow the Atascadero Police Department the option of deploying special weapons and tactics in situations that exceed the normal ability of a patrol officer or detective to respond effectively or safely. Such situations may include barricaded armed suspects, hostage incidents, or high-risk search or arrest warrant service.

The SRT has an authorized strength of six members. What is unique about the SRT is that the unit is fully integrated into the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement 

Detail, or SED, the Sheriff's Department's special weapons and tactics unit. The Atascadero Police Department SRT is the only local police special weapons and tactics unit in San Luis Obispo County with such a distinction. The fully integrated unit is testimony to the confidence the Sheriff's Department has in the members of the SRT.

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