Atascadero Police Department Traffic Unit

The goal of the Atascadero Police Department Traffic Unit is to promote traffic safety through a combination of education and traffic enforcement. The Traffic Unit currently has one full time motor officer, a Traffic Sergeant who is assigned to a patrol team, and three trained volunteers. The members of the Traffic Unit are responsible for reviewing all traffic collision reports submitted by Department personnel, fatal and felony hit and run traffic collisions, reviews and responds to all citizens complaints regarding traffic issues. In addition the Traffic Unit is also in charge of the City’s vehicle abatement program and is responsible for public safety during special events such as Cruise Night, Colony Days and Winter Wonderland. The Traffic Unit also conducts in house training to Departmental personnel on a variety of traffic related issues.
All Atascadero Police Department vehicles assigned to patrol are equipped with radar instruments to assist in speed enforcement. The Traffic Unit also utilizes a radar trailer in areas of the City to encourage voluntary compliance with speed laws. The Traffic Unit has identified speeding vehicles as a major contributing factor to a majority of injury traffic collisions in the City and is taking the necessary steps to reduce speed through a combination of education and area specific speed enforcement.
DSC_5221.jpgOver the past five years the Atascadero Police Department Traffic Unit obtained significant grant funds from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). With those funds the City was able to purchase two police motorcycles and a trailer utilized at DUI checkpoints. Currently, grant funds are being utilized to conduct several DUI checkpoints and additional seatbelt enforcement within the City.
As the APD Traffic Unit has grown significantly over the past five years we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of fatal traffic collisions and an increase motorist’s compliance with the vehicle code. Although, we feel our City streets are safer today than in the past, a continual effort by the Department and the public will make for an even safer community for all.
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss a complaint about a traffic problem, please click on the link below.



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