Monday, May 29, 2017
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SLO Plastering is in the process of plaster repair at the walls and ceilings throughout the building.  Once complete, the painters will come behind them and add a beautiful new coat of paint to brighten up the building!

Below, David is working on the second floor corridors, mixing up the plaster concoction then applying to the walls.  Once the building reopens, the original second floor overlooks will have new glazing and windows, creating a view from the second floor into the lower rotunda.  This is very exciting since the overlook areas have been closed up for years.  Painting on Level 2 will commence on April 1st (really!). 


Plaster repair is also occurring on the 3rd floor.  As you can see, Ryan is happily patching up some much needed areas on the ceiling.

It’s the New Year and progress has began its approach to the finish line for the Atascadero City Hall project.  The upper drum exterior brick is complete, penthouses are framed and ready for plaster, and the fourth level built up roofing is near complete.  The building is officially dried in, and finishes including drywall and plaster are ready to begin on all levels.  The lower rotunda dome painting is complete, providing a preview of the future City Hall opening to come.  The office spaces on all levels will begin to take their finished shape, soon awaiting the final touches of carpet and paint a few months away.  As we continue to complete the interiors the lower exterior brick façade work is ongoing anticipated to complete by March 2013.  As brick work completes all the scaffold will be removed clearing the site for the new Landscape and Hardscape, in addition to exposing the buildings fresh new look.  The finishing touches are being applied and the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter; the City Hall project completion approaches in 2013.





The Atascadero City Hall project begins its transition into the finish phase.  As we progress into October 2012, milestones are beginning to take shape and it shows.  The roof tile at the top dome is complete, in addition to completion of the upper drum wall brick.  The roof top scaffold has began to peel away exposing the completed upper drum repairs.  As the masons continue to complete work up top, the scaffold will continue to drop in preparation to begin the 4th level roofing targeted in November 2012.  Once complete, the masons focus will be on the lower façade brick which will progress into 2013 to complete.  At the interior, the upper rotunda is now roofed and dried in, drywall installation is underway, working our way down to the 4th level council chambers.  On the lower floors, basement, 1st, and 2nd floors are 90% complete with framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough in and ready for drywall.  The 3rd floor is near complete with mechanical rough in, and ready for drywall once the new roofing is placed on the 4th level and weather protected.  In the lower rotunda, the decorative ceiling painting is underway, and its extraordinary features shine and brighten the dome once again.  The excitement of the grand opening is in the air, as we continue to bring the project closer to the finish line in 2013. 


Structural retrofit work is 90% complete, and as the rough in stages continue we approach the beginning of installing new finishes.  Structural work including concrete foundations, shotcrete, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), and dome structural steel is at the peak of topping out 100% complete.  New interior wall framing from basement to 3rd level is near complete.  New Heating and Air Conditioning installation continues; duct work is 75% complete thru ceiling spaces and mechanical shafts, in addition to fire sprinkler systems, electrical, and plumbing rough in.  At the exterior visual changes have occurred with the removal of the dome white shrink wrap.  The dome roof reconstruction is complete and ready for the reinstallation of the clay roof tiles.  Brick replacement and repairs continue at the exterior, with the focus at the high dome.  Once the high dome brick work is complete, the scaffold will be removed in preparation for the placement of the new roof system.  Once all the roof structures are complete and water tight, the finish stage begins in full swing.  The Historic City Hall will now begin to takes its form in our last year of construction, and the excitement of soon occupying the Historic Structure becomes reality once again.


The shotcrete is now complete from the basement to the top of the 3rd floor. FRP(externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer) will be used to strengthen the brick walls on the interior of 4th floor. Upon its’ completion, the building strengthening phase will be finished. The new concrete slab is almost complete in the basement. New interior walls and ceilings are being framed on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. New heating and air conditioning units have been installed above the ceiling spaces. New plumbing lines are being installed to replace the old roof drain and waste line systems in the building. The upper dome roof area is being reconstructed and as we move into the summer, we will prepare to remove the white shrink wrap cover. The entire exterior of the building will have scaffold erected around it for the brick repair and restoration work. A lot of work has been completed in the first year of construction. Most of it will be hidden under the foundations and in the new walls, but that does not take away from how vital it is to making the building whole again.


Press Release - March 19, 2012

City of Atascadero Administrative Services Department

On March 9, 2012, a major milestone in the reconstruction of Atascadero’s Historic City Hall was completed, the stabilization of the building’s foundation. This step is a major one towards the project’s total rehabilitation. The complex and sensitive work was completed by Wysong Construction of Atascadero and took a total of eight months.

With this work completed, the new foundation underneath the original structure is now done and the building is safely resting on its new foundation. The stabilization work included the installation of 248 steel and concrete piles, each averaging 56’ deep, with a total drill length of over 16,000 feet. There were 110 concrete pile caps installed underneath the existing spread footings and on top of the support piles. The pile caps included 600 yards of concrete and approximately 80 tons of reinforcing steel.

The remaining tasks for structural mitigation and repair work include the installation of shotcrete walls for lateral support, installation of additional structural steel and structural framing in the upper rotunda and fiber reinforced polymer fabric for lateral support, also in the upper rotunda. The structural work is on schedule to be completed by the end of April 2012 according to Dan Huff, Project Manager from Bernard’s, the construction management firm hired to manage the project for the City.

Completion of the Historic City Hall project in the City’s centennial year remains one of the City Council’s top priorities. Said Mayor Pro Tem Tom O’Malley, the City is "literally building the foundation for our Centennial Celebration and paving the way to a successful future for our City."


    After nine months of foundation stabilization, the next phase of building reinforcement will begin this week as the shotcrete starts in the basement. The shotcrete will continue up to the top of 3rd floor.  At the top of building in the upper rotunda, the new structural steel has been installed. This completes the major strengthening of the existing steel frame that supports the top of the building. The added steel also ties the outside walls to the interior steel frame. Diani Building Corp. is installing new connections at the upper dome wood  framing to give it seismic resistance. They are focusing on re-building the upper dome and roof areas to have the upper part the building complete and water tight before next winter. We are quickly approaching the start of interior space construction which includes new walls, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. Once the shotcrete is complete, Taft Electric, Santa Margarita Construction, Terry Otis Construction, Scott Murray Plumbing and Alpha Fire Protection will mobilize to start installing these new systems. Ceiling and wall construction will also begin. The pace of construction is steadily increasing with the next 12 months being on track for substantial project completion.


Wysong Construction has completed 93 pile caps so far with 27 remaining. The basement walls have been excavated around the exterior on the north and south sides of the building for the pile cap installation. These huge piles of  dirt are stockpiled on the site and can be seen over the fences. All pile cap installation and foundation stabilization will be completed by mid-February. The next phase of work in the basement will be the shotcrete concrete installation next to the existing foundation walls. This 8" thick concrete wall will reinforce the existing foundation walls and be the starting point for reinforcing the entire building shell from the basement to the top of the 3rd floor. Eagle Shotcrete is installing the reinforcing steel and epoxy dowels in the brick walls along the perimeter of the 1st, , 2nd  and 3rd  floors as they prepare for shotcrete at those levels of the building. Structural reinforcing work continues at the top of the building inside the white shrink wrap cover. Diani Building Corp. has completed a concrete bond beam at the top of the brick mezzanine wall. This new perimeter beam will reinforce the top of the wall and create a connection point for the existing steel frame that supports the upper rotunda and roof framing. Diani will continue to install new wood framing connections and begin to rebuild the upper part of the building. Preservation Arts has been cleaning and preparing the exterior brick that was removed during demolition for re-installation. They have started to remove, repair, and replace the earthquake damaged exterior brick surfaces at the 1st floor level on the Lewis Avenue side of the building. The project remains on schedule with completion expected in mid-2013. 

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