Monday, May 29, 2017
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The test pile installation was completed this week and load tests started. The purpose of this testing is to insure the micro piles will support the weight of the building, which is their primary function in the Historic City Hall Restoration Project. The new piles are taking the downward force of the building which is compressing or pushing down on them. The load tests this week are simulating this downward force using an hydraulic ram that can create the weights that the building piles will be put under. In fact this ram put more than twice as much force on the piles and this is part of the testing requirement. The highest compression force used this week was 392,000 pounds which was put on the pile with 16 feet embedment into the bedrock. This means the test pile supported over 200% of its’ design capacity and more than exceeded Hayward Baker’s expectations . The testing will be complete by July 15th. Hayward Baker and Wysong also mobilized in the basement area this week to prepare for the start of the pile installation under the main building foundations. We completed pre-construction meetings with Scott Murray Plumbing from Salinas and Republic Elevator from Goleta as we prepare to mobilize more contractors on the project.

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