Monday, May 29, 2017
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Hayward Baker Geotechnical Construction mobilized on the project this week. They are a subcontractor to Wysong Construction who is doing all of the foundation work. Hayward Baker will be drilling and installing over 250 micro piles under the existing building foundations. This is the first step in stabilizing and reinforcing the existing foundations. Several pieces of equipment have been set up around the site including the yellow cement tank you can see from the Palma Ave. side of the project. Hayward Baker will use a small, compact drilling rig that can fit in the basement to bore 8” diameter holes into the bedrock below with some holes as deep as 85 feet down. As the holes are completed, cement grout is pumped down the 7” steel pipe that is in the center on the bore hole, which fills the pipe and the hole. The first phase of work will be drilling and installing test micro piles in two exterior locations on the site, one in the northwest corner and one in the southeast corner.

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