Monday, May 29, 2017
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The City’s historic administration building was completed in 1918 to serve as the Colony of Atascadero’s headquarters. The Colony was founded by Edward Gardner (E.G.) Lewis of Missouri, as California’s first master planned community. The community was to be sustainable and progressive. The 65,000 square foot Italian renaissance-style structure was designed by prominent San Francisco architect W. D. Bliss, as commissioned by E. G. Lewis, and was inspired by the buildings located at the 1904 World Exposition in St. Louis, MO. The edifice is one of a very few double-domed (rotunda) buildings in the state. The building symbolizes sustainability, progressiveness, and opportunity and has served as many things most notably as the community’s City Hall. The building is a registered state and national historic monument.

On December 22, 2003, the 6.5 magnitude San Simeon earthquake interrupted the historical and cultural accessibility of the historic Administration Building. Severe earthquake damage closed its doors on that day, and they have remained closed for over six and ½ years.

Since this time, the City has been diligently working closely with FEMA to obtain funding that is fair and will suitably repair the building to modern safety standards. It is estimated the completed project will cost approximately $39.9 million. FEMA has committed approximately $16 million to date however, based on detailed damage estimates and interpretation of federal regulations, the City believes this number will move closer to $26.7 million as actual construction costs become known. The remaining funding has been obtained through grants and a redevelopment agency financing.

It is the City’s sincere commitment to work with FEMA closely and positively as partners in getting this historic treasure rehabilitated. Construction shall begin in October 2010, with completion of the building slated for July 2013, the date of the community’s 100th birthday.

This website serves as a central point for all information regarding this historic structure. For additional questions feel free to contact the City of Atascadero at 805-461-5000.

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