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The Atascadero Police Department and 8 Can't Wait 

The men and women of the Atascadero Police Department are governed by a guiding set of principles. These doctrines are codified for the members of our department in the Atascadero Police Department Policy Manual. The manual was developed with an understanding that "doing good" is our highest calling. What is stated so simply has a much deeper and more personal meaning to our officers. They understand that service, beyond self, in pursuit of the greater good for all residents is our purpose. Each officer takes an oath to provide this type of service prior to being able to wear our badge of office. We strive to do so in a manner that demonstrates the high value we place on human life, and preserves the dignity of all those with whom we come in contact.

The Atascadero Police Department is deeply committed to providing professional service to every member of our community and is constantly seeking ways to improve the training our officers receive to ensure the level of service we provide is in keeping with state law, recent court decisions, accepted practice and community expectations. Recently the City of Atascadero and the Atascadero Police Department became aware of a campaign developed by Campaign Zero related to police use of force, known as "8 Can't Wait." The Department's current policies are in keeping with many or all of the provisions of that initiative. Below are some of the policies currently employed by the Atascadero Police Department that align with those eight pillars.

  1. Ban Chokeholds and Strangleholds – The Atascadero Police Department does not allow the use of "chokeholds" or "strangleholds." While rarely used, properly trained officers may use the carotid restraint subject to the restrictions set forth in our policy. This policy can be found in section 300.3.4 of the Atascadero Police Department Policy manual. Governor Newsome has recently restricted the California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) from providing training in the use of the carotid restraint.
  2. Require De-escalation – De-escalation has been incorporated in the policies and practices of our department for several years. De-escalation training is required as part of the POST Perishable Skills training that our officers receive every two years. In addition to the Perishable Skills course, our officers receive de-escalation instruction as part of other ongoing training including in the use of force, firearms, and response to mental health crisis incidents. Policies 300.3.1, 308.9, 418.4(c), 466.5(b), 466.6 and 467.3(c) are some of the examples of language related to this issue and are indicative of the direction and training provided to our officers.
  3. Require warning before shooting – The Atascadero Police Department requires that warnings be issued before the use of force in some instances such as in the use of Kinetic Energy devised such as the Taser (Policy 308.9.2). Deadly force is restricted to instances that require immediate action based on the totality of the circumstances under Policy 300.4(a), and officers are required to give warnings prior to the use of deadly force when possible Policy 300.4(b).
  4. Exhaust all other means before shooting – Policy 300.4 requires officers to evaluate other reasonable uses of force prior to making the decision to use deadly force. Additionally, Officers shall not use deadly force against a person based on the danger that person poses to him/herself, if an objectively reasonable officer would believe the person does not pose an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officer or to another person (Penal Code § 835a).
  5. Duty to intervene – Policy 300.2.1 requires our officers to intervene in those instances in which they observe another officers using unreasonable force. The use of unreasonable force must also be reported immediately to a supervisor.
  6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles – Shooting at moving vehicles is rarely effective and officers are generally discouraged from this practice. Officers are encouraged to use other methods to eliminate threats posed from moving vehicles prior to the use of force, such as moving out of the path of the moving vehicle. Officers are also restricted in the use of firearms to disable a vehicle. All of these provisions are part of our policy under section 300.4.1.
  7. Require use of force continuum – The concept of a use of force continuum is largely outdated and has been replaced by a more knowledgeable and science-based approach to the use of force. Our agency has adopted a comprehensive approach to the use of force by our officers that can be found in Policy 300. Additional direction to our officers is given in many other parts of our policy. Sections 306, 308, 309, and 312 are some examples. Officers also receive ongoing training in the use of force, specifically in the application of deadly force.
  8. Require comprehensive reporting – Officers are required to thoroughly and accurately document any use of force incident. Officers should include in this reporting any of the factors that caused he/she to believe that the use of force was reasonable under the circumstances, Policy 300.5. In addition to the use of force, the Atascadero Police Department provides direction to our officers in the preparation of all other types of police reports as well. Examples of this direction can be found in policy 344.

The entire Policy Manual of the Atascadero Police Department can be found at

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Thank you for inquiring about our Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit process. The attachment below outlines the CCW process for the City of Atascadero. All residents who reside in the City of Atascadero must apply through the Atascadero Police Department to obtain a CCW. The process outlined below was drafted to follow the laws established by the California Penal Code.  It was our intent to clearly outline the process in the document below, so please read the document in its entirety before making any inquires to the police department.

The CCW guidelines established by our agency are intended to ensure our citizens constitutional rights, by following current law.  While at the same time taking appropriate steps  to keep our community safe.  

Application for Concealed Weapons License



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The Atascadero Police Department established the Service Area Program as a means to enhance community outreach, accountability and to give the public a single point of contact for issues and concerns.  The program is designed to provide community members the ability to contact a designated Coordinator to address non-emergency, on-going concerns; such as graffiti or nuisance abatement, landlord-tenant disputes, general public safety and improvement in the quality of life.

We divided the City into five distinct geographic areas and have designated these regions as the A, B, C, D and E service areas.  Each Area Coordinator is being held accountable for understanding the issues and concerns unique to their service area and for developing strategies and directing resources to solve problems and improve the quality of life for our citizens.  We are always willing to meet with residents and business owners.  You are encouraged to communicate with the Coordinator responsible for your service area via telephone or e-mail.  If you have a traffic issue occurring in your service area please contact our Traffic Unit.

 The Atascadero Police Department is committed to working with you to improve the community.

 Service Areas

Service Area Downtown

It is important for our residents to understand that the Area Coordinator is not a substitute for dialing 911 in an emergency or for making a call to our dispatch center should a routine request for police services be needed.


Click map to enlarge

Service Area Coordinators

Sergeant Jeffery WilshusenService Area "A"
All streets north of Hwy 41 and west of Hwy 101
Sergeant Kellye Netz

Sergeant Jason CarrService Area "B"
All streets south of Hwy 41 and west of Hwy 101
Sergeant Gregg Meyer

Sergeant Robert MolleService Area "C"
All streets north of Hwy 41 and east of Hwy 101
Sergeant John Taylor

Sergeant Caleb DavisService Area "D"
All streets south of Hwy 41 and east of Hwy 101
Sergeant Matt Chesson
Phone: (805)470-3288

Corporal Keith FaleriosService Area "E"
The downtown area and business corridor on El Camino Real and Hwy 41. Please see the above map for boundaries.
Sergeant Jason Carr

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Violation Day(s)

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 Below are forms for submitting complaints and information to the Police Department. 

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Online Crime Reporting

Online Crime Reporting Portal

Quickly and easily report minor crimes that have occurred within the City of Atascadero.  For instructions call (805)470-3244.


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Welcome to the Official Atascadero Police Department Website. The website is designed to provide the public with information about our Department, its mission and the services that are available to you. As you explore APD’s website, we always welcome and value input or questions you may have to help us in our continued service to you.


Phone Number: (805) 461-5051

Fax Number: (805) 461-3702

Online: Issue & Question Center

Records Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30AM to 2:30PM
Property Pickup by Appointment

 PLEASE NOTE: The telephone number for the San Luis Obispo Superior Court and the Paso Robles Branch has been changed to:  (805) 706-3600 

Online Crime Reporting

Online Crime Reporting Portal

Quickly and easily report minor crimes that have occurred within the City of Atascadero.  For instructions call (805)470-3244.

Atascadero's  New  Evacuation  Alert  Siren  -  Hi - Lo = Time To Go!

The new European-style 2-tone siren will only be used in an emergency to alert residents within specific areas of the need to evacuate. "If you hear the Hi-Lo, It's Time To Go."
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8 Can't Wait

Atascadero Police Department and 8 Can't Wait

The Men and Women of the Atascadero Police Department are governed by a guiding set of principles. These doctrines are codified for the members of our department in the Atascadero Police Department Policy Manual. The manual was developed with an understanding that “doing good” is our highest calling.
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Access Your Accident Report Online

The Docview system allows the public to print accident reports 24 hours a day from any location with internet access. The reports are in a PDF format which makes them easy to view, save, print, and email.



SCRAM (Security Camera Registration and Mapping) is a tool used to register security cameras throughout the city so the police department can build a database of identified security camera locations.


Follow us on Facebook

APD maintains a Facebook page that offers another way to stay informed and interact with your Police Department.

Location & Directions

Our facility is located at 5505 El Camino Real, just one block north on El Camino Real from the intersection with Traffic Way.






News From the City - Current Events, Police, Bias and Prejudice 

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The men and women of the Atascadero Police Department are "Dedicated to Professional Service" to our community.

The City of Atascadero Police Department is located at:

5505 El Camino Real
Non-emergency telephone number: 461 5051

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To Access Past Daily Activity Logs:

Please click HERE to access the DAILY ACTIVITY LOGS:

This will open a new tab titled "Laserfiche Weblink".  Select the year and month of daily log you wish to view. The daily log is also available for viewing at the Police Department. Copies of logs can also be provided at fifty cents for the first page and ten cents for each additional page.

Daily Log Activity Key for Abbreviations: Disposition Codes, Call Type Codes


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