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Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services strives to streamline your building and development projects.  The documents below are our guildelines for building, driveway and standpipe standards.  


F1 - Commercial

F2 - Residential

F3 - Notes and Hose Restrictions

F4 - Driveways

Driveway Standards Notes

F5 - Location of Dry Line

Dry Line Standard Notes

F6 - Fire Hydrant Location

F7 - Turning Performance Analysis

F8 - Driveway Clearance Standard

Fire Sprinkler Submittal Handout

Solar Photovoltaic Guidelines


To schedule an appointment for a consult or inspection with the Fire Marshal, please call:



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About the Organization



Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services is “all risk” meaning, the organization responds to emergencies such as medical aids, structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle traffic collisions, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescues and public service assists. Responding to about 3000 calls per year the Fire Department operates from 2 fire stations with 6 fire engines, 3 command vehicles, a ladder truck, a 4X4 ambulance and a technical rescue unit. The department operates with a total of 21 full-time personnel. The full-time staff includes 1 Fire Chief, 1 Battalion Chief - Community Risk Reduction, 1 Battalion Chief - Operations, and 1 Administrative Assistant. The Department serves and protects approximately 30,000 people and 26.7 square miles. 


Vision Statement


We foster an environment that generates highly motivated public servants who continuously prepare for the protection and preservation of our community.



Core Values


  • Training
  • Physically and Mentally
  • Response ready
  • Progressive
  • Respectful
  • Mentorship
  • Service to others


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Contact Us


Fire Station 1 

6005 Lewis Ave
Atascadero, CA 93422
fax 805-466-2907

Fire Station 2

9801 West Front
Atascadero, CA 93422
fax 805-461-5091



Fire Administration is located within City Hall at 6500 Palma Avenue.  To schedule an appointment with Administration, please call (805)470-3300.


Fire station 1 is located just outside of the downtown corridor at the corner of Traffic Way and Lewis Avenue. Fire station 2 can be found just south of Santa Rosa Road along 101 on West Front road. Look for the flags or the red lights at night!




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2022 Burn Season CLOSED!


Burn Season Closes May 1, 2022


On May 1, 2022, Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services will close the 2022 Burn Season.  “The lack of rain and increase in temperatures have caused the grasses to dry out quickly, causing an increased fire danger,” said Fire Chief Casey Bryson.  Residents must call the burn line at (805) 461-5070, Option 8 to check the burn day status leading up to the closure of Burn Season.


As alternatives, Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services encourages residents to utilize the Green Waste Recycling Program through Atascadero Waste Alternatives.  Please check with Atascadero Waste Alternatives for your area’s pick-up days. 


In addition, Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services would like for residents to get their weed abatement done quickly.  As conditions change, please plan to mow before 10 AM and maintain weeds at 4 inches.  Deadline for cutting weeds is June 1st!


For questions regarding this information, please contact Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services at 805-461-5070.






 Citations will be written for non-compliance



Outside City Limits:

Contact the San Luis Obispo County Fire Department at (805)543-4244. 

The State Air Resources Board determines which days are appropriate for burning in order to limit air pollution and of those days, local fire officials determine burn days according to local conditions.

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All Fire organizations are required to comply with state and federal laws and regulations, just as any other employer. These laws regulate certain operations, administrative procedures, and training within the organization, and are commonly referred to as “mandates”.

The majority of the regulations are those adopted by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CalOSHA) to meet national standards developed by the federal OSHA. The goal of most of these regulations is worker safety, although some address a professional performance standard. Many of the standards were developed as a direct result of workplace accidents resulting in injury or death.

The rationale for any employer to comply is three-fold:

  • Worker safety;
  • Professional performance to recognized standards; and
  • Reduced exposure to liability.

Nearly all of the regulations are function-based. While there are regulations that apply to all employees, most regulations describe requirements for specific activities. For example, the respiratory standard only applies to employees who are exposed to hazardous atmospheres in their line of work.

Some standards require the employer to create a safe work environment through administrative policies, engineering safeguards, or following operational guidelines. Others require that the employer provide safety equipment, employee testing, and training.

Fire personnel deserve professional, state-of-the-art training in all aspects of their jobs. Specific state and federal regulations mandate some of this training, although the General Duty Clause is the basis that seems to require the most required training. There are state and national training standards for most job functions.

Fire Department emergency operations are inherently dangerous. Risk management principles require focusing solid, realistic, ongoing, and verifiable training on such “high risk / low frequency” events. Training in the Fire Department needs to focus on training personnel for maximum safety and effectiveness in emergency operations.

Finally, all firefighters have an obligation to uphold the public trust in their Fire Department by efficient and effective service delivery. Developing professional firefighters and officers requires professional training delivery, and jurisdictions have a legal obligation to provide that training to its firefighters.








The Atascadero Fire & Emergency Serives Cadet Program is a unique opportunity for High School students to learn about and experience the fire service.  Cadets are hired as volunteers, and are part of the work experience program through the Atascadero High School.  High School Seniors are given priority and they spend 3 to 4 hours each day, 5 days a week, working alongside the full time firefighters.  While at the station, Cadets learn about the job of a firefighter and train for fire, rescue and medical emergencies.  Additionally, they help clean and maintain the station, emergency equipment and fire engines.  When an alarm comes in for an emergency, the cadets ride on the engine and help out at the scene if it is safe to do so.  The Cadet Program is a great opportunity for any student who thinks they may be interested in pursuing a career in the fire service after high school. 


Please contact us for more information.








The Seasonal Firefighter position is a temporary/part-time position to augment Engine Company staffing during the summer fire season.  The shifts are 56-hour workweeks, conforming to current paid staff schedule. Under general supervision, the seasonal firefighter may fight fires and perform emergency medical and rescue work as part of a fire crew. May also perform fire prevention activities, stations and grounds maintenance, general maintenance and work projects, including weed abatement, painting, cleaning, and light carpentry for the City.

A Seasonal Firefighter must have a working knowledge of basic suppression techniques and practices. Must have the ability to learn and apply firefighting principles related to fire suppression and rescue situations; work effectively and cooperatively with others; understand and follow verbal and written direction.

Desired qualifications include: State Certified EMT-1, CPR, Haz-Mat Fro/Decon, experience and/or training in wildland and structural firefighting, Firefighter I Certificate, Clear DMV driving record desired, and valid Class C driver’s license.  Mandatory Qualifications include Title 22 First Aid or Higher, Proof of Completion of Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).  The applicant shall provide the following prior to receiving a job offer for employment: Hepatitis B - copies of records showing the first of the 3 injections of the Hepatitis B (Hep B) series. TB Skin test (PPD) documented within the last 6 months. If a prior positive test, documentation of a negative chest X-ray within the last six months shall be provided.


Please contact us for more information.

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Engine 7593


2015 Pierce Arrow XT type one, tank compacity of 500 gallons and a 2000 gpm pump.

Engine 7591 & 7592

"First out"


2005 Pierce Arrow XT type one, tank capacity of 500 gallons and a 2000 gpm pump. 

Truck 7545


2009 Pierce Arrow XT 100' Platform Ladder Truck Tank capacity of 275 gallons and a 2000 gpm pump.

Rescue 7551


1989 Westmark International 4X4 Model 4800 w/ a 1991 Hesey 16 bay trailer.



Engine 7565


2008 Max Force 9 International 4X4 Type 2 Tank capacity of 500 gallons and a 500 gpm pump.

Engine 7574


2001 International 2X4 Type 2 Tank capacity of 500 gallons and a 500 gpm pump.


Engine 7573


1996 International Model 15 2X4 Type 3 Tank capacity of 500 gallons and a 500 gpm pump.

OES 275


2000 HME 2X4 Type 2 USAR Type 3 Tank capacity of 800 gallons and a 1500 gpm pump.

Squad/Rescue 7555

2000 4x4 Ambulance


Command vehicle


Prevention vehicle


Utility vehicle


Utility vehicle

 1929 Ford Model "AA"


Purchased by the Atascadero Firefighters Association in 1991 from Oklahoma City. The Model A is used in association sponsored events and parades. 


Category: Fire Department




Fire Station One, located at the corner of Lewis Avenue and Traffic Way, was built in 1952 and has undergone several alterations to accommodate the increase in personnel. 

6005 Lewis Ave, Atascadero, CA 93422. 805 461-5070. Fax 466-2907





Fire Station Two, is located just south of the Santa Rosa off ramp on the frontage road. Station Two was built in 1986 and was modified in 2009 when it became the home for Truck 7545. 

9801 West Front Atascadero, CA 93422. 805 461-5070. Fax 461-5091


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Welcome to the official website of Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services. Our website is designed to provide you information about our organization,  our mission, programs and events. Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional emergency service and  exceptional care to our community.

  ATASCADERO KNOW YOUR ZONE! Be prepared for the next emergency.

Be Prepared Banner Logo


Defend Atascadero Video from Chromatic Collective on Vimeo.

Did You Know.....
Calls for fire and paramedic services have nearly doubled in the last 15 years and have increased by 42% since 1999.
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The CHIPPING PROGRAM for 2022 has been approved for grant funding by San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council.  Registration is now closed.  Chipping services will begin March 1st, 2022.    

Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services would like to thank San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council for their continued support by providing grant funding for this program. 
Thank you to those that participated and making strides to keep Atascadero safe.
  1. Material to be chipped must be clean of hazardous green waste such as brush and treelimbs.
  2. Material Not Allowed: Small twigs or blown down material, trash, rocks, metal, processed lumber, piles of leaves, vines, fruit / nut tree trimmings, Oleander Trees  or POISONOAK.
  3. Note:  All Chipped material will be left onproperty.
  4. Branches must all be stacked in uniform order facing the same direction and may not exceed, 4 inches in diameter. (see photosbelow)
  5. All material must be piled in an easily accessible area, adjacent to the roadway or driveway. Chipping vehicle will not leave the improved roadways/driveways to accesspiles.
  6. Crews will not drag material long distances or overfences.


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