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-Downtown Atascadero
Infrastructure Enhancement Plan-




The El Camino Real Downtown Traffic Calming and Corridor Plan (Project) is envisioned to be a planning level document that outlines recommendations for future road improvements incorporating enhanced pedestrian and bicycle access along with increased parking opportunities and safer crosswalks. The goal is to enhance economic development in the downtown by creating a zone that slows traffic speeds and enhances appearance and safety. The Project limits include the El Camino Corridor from the intersection of Highway 41 to the intersection of Rosario Avenue.

Over the last several decades, the City has implemented improvements in the downtown, which were identified as part of the Downtown Revitalization Plan, Downtown Design Guidelines, and the City’s Wayfinding Program. Improvements were generally limited to sidewalk widening at corners (bulb-outs), sidewalk enhancements, signage, raised planted medians and crosswalks. Other key facility improvements have also been implemented such as the Sunken Gardens improvements and the Centennial Bridge and Plaza project.

The Traffic Calming Plan takes a closer look at how to best utilize the existing roadway width. El Camino Real in the downtown still maintains its roughly 80-foot width (curb-to-curb) and design features that reflect its past use as a highway. A large component of the plan is the analysis of existing and future traffic operations through the downtown corridor under a “road diet” scenario. By dropping a vehicular lane in both the northbound and southbound directions, it is possible to add enhanced pedestrian and bicycle facilities, additional public spaces, and parking. Given the ongoing development and redevelopment within the downtown area, this project is a timely opportunity to assess how the El Camino Real corridor can best serve the needs of residents, businesses, and the multiple transportation needs.


As noted above, several factors have converged over recent years that warrant a new analysis of downtown area transportation patterns. First, downtown Atascadero is currently experiencing an economic upswing due to City investments and strong interest from private developers and business owners. New restaurants, cafes, and breweries, in conjunction with a growing number of special events, are bringing more visitors to the Downtown area. The Centennial Bridge and Plaza Project is stimulating interest from private developers, resulting in both large and small private projects. Most notable are the La Plaza Mixed-Use and Bridge Walk Hotel developments, as well as the new ownership and use of the previously City-owned annex (Creekside) building. These developments and others will result in an increase in downtown activity, including vehicle trips, pedestrians, cyclists, and other multi-modal methods of transportation.

Secondly, the Atascadero High School (AHS) and the Atascadero Junior High School (AJHS) are located within ¼ mile of the El Camino Real Downtown Corridor. School related traffic is a significant consideration throughout the corridor, particularly during peak hours occurring from drop-off and pick-up times. With additional vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic in the Downtown area, concerns regarding the safety and function of El Camino Real have arisen from residents and business owners, particularly at intersections and existing mid-block crossings. These concerns are likely to increase in the future as complete streets improvements to State Route 41 in 2020, and potential improvements to the Atascadero Avenue and Mall corridor, will likely encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic to be funneled through the US 101 tunnel and elsewhere.

Third, merchants, residents, developers, and City leaders have expressed the need for more parking and pedestrian access within the downtown district due to an increase in economic activity and special events. Limited parking is available on El Camino Real and includes non-metered, parallel on-street parking. A mix of diagonal and parallel parking exists on other Downtown streets adjacent to El Camino Real. Increasing parking opportunities on El Camino Real will be advantageous in furthering the economic goals of the Downtown. Currently, the width and speed of traffic on El Camino Real discourages visitors from using the corridor for parking or walking across El Camino Real to go to a business on the other side of the street.

The overall objective of the project is to develop a holistic traffic calming and corridor plan along the Downtown El Camino Real Corridor that considers the needs and goals of all multimodal users, residents, businesses, and City leaders. The final corridor plan is intended to serve as a blueprint or master plan for future improvements within the El Camino Real right-of-way, which should further the economic goals of the City while enhancing the Downtown Corridor’s safety and aesthetic appearance for all users. Specifically, the City identified the following project objectives:

  • Provide public safety for all roadway users by incorporating complete streets and “road diet” concepts and principals
  • Enhance economic development by supporting existing and future merchants with additional parking
  • Support downtown business synergy through a partnership in crafting a Downtown Traffic Calming Plan
  • Enhance the streetscape of El Camino Real by creating a sense of place and arrival into the Downtown
  • Create safe pedestrian connections and crossings while enhancing the walkability of Downtown
  • Slow vehicular speeds to increase safety and visibility, including an analysis of impacts to level of service (LOS)
  • Enhance the ability to host more special events in the Downtown area
  • Accommodate multi-modal transportation, where feasible


KTUA of San Diego was hired in November 2017 to assist the City in the analysis and development of a corridor plan. CCTC of Morro Bay is working as a subconsultant to KTUA to provide traffic engineering and operations analysis. Council awarded the Downtown Traffic Calming project to KTUA in November 2017, and City staff has been working closely with KTUA and CCTC to develop alternatives that meet the objectives listed above, while at the same time balancing impacts to varied roadway users. The City hosted mutiple outreach events in 2019, recieving a lot of feedback from the community. After this feedback from the public and City Council, KTUA returned a revised plan that was once again presented at multiple public workshops in 2020. After compiling all of the feedback recieved , the following concept plan was approved by City Council on August 11, 2020. For more information, please review the staff report published in the August 11, 2020 City Council Agenda.


Rendering of Infrastructure Plan

Highway 41 to Entrada:

Entrada to Rosario:


City Council 8/11/20

City Council - 8/14/18

2020 Information Meeting Slideshow


Category: Community Development

-Colony Square-


The Colony Square Development is located on the City’s primary corridor: El Camino Real. The site is zoned Downtown Commercial and lies within the Downtown Revitalization Plan. The existing site includes a vacant land and is surrounded by a movie theater and 13,000 square-feet of retail space. 


The applicant has worked diligently with staff and the DRC on crafting the site plan and architecture. The architecture, landscaping, and signage is consistent with the intent of the Master Plan of Development. The proposed project continues to accomplish the project objectives including:

  • Implementing the General Plan and Downtown Revitalization Plan;
  • Maximizes the property’s potential in manner consistent with the General Plan;
  • Broadens the City’s tax base by providing local and regional tax generating uses through Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT);
  • Maximizes the economic viability of the vacant site;
  • Provides necessary adequate infrastructure and public amenities;
  • Locates a commercial project at the new Centennial Bridge landing to connect the theater to the Sunken Gardens, consistent with the Downtown Revitalization Plan.

The mixed-use project consists of:

  • 67 residential units
  • 58,250 square-feet of retail/restaurant space
  • An 89 room hotel (total square-feet: 61,550)
  • A 10 Screen (35,000 square-feet) movie theater



In August 2005, the Planning Commission approved a mixed-use Master Plan of Development for the Colony Square project (CUP 2004-0127). The project was considered a major cornerstone of the Atascadero Downtown Revitalization Plan, including additional density of retail, restaurants, a movie theater, residential presence, and a mid-block pedestrian connection through Atascadero Creek to connect with the Sunken Gardens.

In 2015, the L-shaped property between El Camino Real and the former City Hall as well as the existing theater and restaurants were sold to a new owner. The new owner has been working with City staff and the project architect to explore ways to develop the L-shaped site for optimum use. With construction of the Centennial Bridge now connecting the site to the Sunken Gardens and the new City parking lot on Lewis Avenue, the applicant was compelled to move forward and has submitted an amendment to add a boutique hotel with restaurant spaces on the subject parcel.

The Atascadero Design Review Committee reviewed a preliminary concept plan for the proposed hotel on October 11, 2017, and then reviewed an updated design and parking study on April 11, 2018. The Committee recommended minor architectural changes which were incorporated into the current proposal. The DRC recommended drop off areas and valet services be provided for the hotel. The Porte-cochere drop off area was added, as well as condition of approval that the owner obtains an agreement for offsite parking for the hotel valet service.

The proposed Conditional Use Permit Amendment is in substantial conformance with Certified Mitigated Negative Declaration 2005-0020, approved for the original Colony square project on August 16, 2005. The project size, overall design, and location of the buildings are in substantial conformance with the 2005 CEQA analysis. The original Mitigation Measures are included in the attached resolution without changes.


Staff Reports

CEQA Mitigation Measures - 2005

Design Review Committee – 4/11/2018

Planning Commission – 5/15/2018

Category: Community Development


Click each section identified on the map below to view available economic development sites throughout Atascadero. Sites are labeled as Entitlement, Redevelopment or Shovel Ready Opportunities. Reference the icons in the key at the bottom of the map to determine the development opportunity type.  
You may also view each available property through Google Maps by clicking on the property addresses in the Economic Development Site List at the bottom of the page.

City of Atascadero Economic Development Opportunity Map

For more information about development opportunities in Atascadero, contact Community Development Director Phil Dunsmore at 805-470-3488.



 Site Name




 APN Address


 Atascadero Oaks Center



  8605 El Camino Real



 Del Rio Rd West



  1505 San Ramon Road



 El Centro Infill



  8457 El Camino Real



 Gusta Road Infill



  9000 Gusta Road



 Morrison Site



  2400 El Camino Real



 Viejo Camino Site



  11700 Viejo Camino



 Solano Road Infill



  8845 El Camino Real



 South Atascadero Gateway



  9200 Santa Barbara Rd.



 Bang Property



  7950 El Camino Real



 Smart & Final Center



  8200 El Camino Real



 The Armory



  6105 Olmeda Avenue



 Sycamore Road Industrial



  6805 Sycamore Avenue



 Traffic Way Industrial



  5205 Traffic Way



 Via Avenue Industrial



  6155 Via Avenue



 Billings Commercial



  3660 El Camino Real


 Redevelopment  San Anselmo Site 6.6500 CR   3705 El Camino Real 049-163-042
 Redevelopment  K-Mart Center/777 Auction 0.8272 CR   4180 El Camino Real 049-221-063

 Shovel Ready

 Burbach Property



  6955 Morro Road


 Shovel Ready

 Colony Square



  6895 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready

 Del Rio Specific Plan



  2055 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready  Del Rio Market Place 7.2600 CR   5700 Del Rio Road 049-102-045

 Shovel Ready

 Dillon Property



  7150 Atascadero Avenue


 Shovel Ready

 Dove Creek Commercial



  11600 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready  Hughes/Lochhead Property 1.0900 CP   7100 Morro Road 031-051-047

 Shovel Ready

 Jackson Property



  6600 Morro Road


 Shovel Ready

 LoJacono Property



  7850 Morro Road


 Shovel Ready

 Montecito Commercial



  9550 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready

 Kim Commercial



  3000 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready

 The Acacias



  4711 El Camino Real


 Shovel Ready

 Vine St LLC



  8005 Curbaril Avenue


 Shovel Ready

 West Star Commercial



  910 El Camino Real


*Zoning Codes
   CP Commercial Professional CS Commercial Service I Industrial
   CPK Commercial Park CT Commercial Tourist P Public
   CR Commerical Retail DC Downtown Commercial      RMF Residential Multiple-Family


Category: Community Development

Public input throughout this process is key in developing a plan that reflects the vision of the Atascadero community.  We want our community's input! 

We will be outside City Hall at Colony Days again this year and want to hear from you!

Please see the Exising Conditions Assesment for the latest update (September 2019)

The City of Atascadero is currently developing a corridor plan to identify future improvements and land uses along El Camino Real.  The City has been awarded a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant to complete this study, and the Planning consultant, PlaceWorks, has been contracted to develop the plan. The goal is to provide the City with a blueprint and the tools to transform the existing auto-oriented, regional corridor into a multi-modal economic hub.

El Camino Real is the central spine of the City, and has a significant bearing on the overall image, identity, and economic health of Atascadero.  It is the main north-south thoroughfare; and the primary access to services, the downtown core, and surrounding neighborhoods. Recent investment within the downtown, upcoming development and new businesses, and the Downtown Traffic Calming study provide solid groundwork from which to envision and develop the concepts for a vibrant corridor overall.

Across the nation, past development and investment patterns have stripped corridors of their role as vital areas connecting and creating community. These in-between spaces of a city that connect activity centers are typically overlooked as places for community connection and new market opportunities. As a result, long-neglected corridors across the country are plagued with haphazard development patterns and underutilized uses.

The seven mile stretch of El Camino Real which runs through Atascadero suffers from many of these same issues. The corridor serves as a local collector and regional pass-through arterial. It has an underutilized mix of auto-oriented strip retail, office, and traditional anchor-based commercial centers. It is often observed that the El Camino corridor lacks a sense of place and does not have the characteristics of a “destination.” Yet the corridor also contains many uses that represent the heart of the community - a historic downtown core, the Sunken Gardens park, and a mix of entertainment, restaurant and retail uses which are valued by the community. The challenge along the El Camino corridor is to define an innovative but realistic set of recommendations to produce a new vision to move El Camino Real into the future and enable it to function as an active, well-utilized, balanced, and employment generating corridor.

During this planning study, existing land uses and zoning along the corridor will be analyzed and recommendations provided to enhance key commercial areas and compliment adjacent uses. By improving transportation options and facilitating commercial growth, the City hopes to grow its employment and economic base and acquire a healthier jobs to housing balance. Now is this time to look comprehensively at the overall El Camino Real corridor, bring together previous planning and recent investment throughout the corridor, and create a unique sense of place within the heart of the Atascadero community.


Category: Community Development

The City has been a member of Tree City USA since 1989, working to preserve beautiful native trees within the City of Atascadero. Below is some information in regards to our efforts to protect and replant native trees.

The City of Atascadero protects 12 different native tree species, listed below.



For access to Atascadero's official Native Tree Ordinance, view our municipal code here.


Want help identifying a native tree?

Click here for a Native Tree Identification Table.

Looking for a quick guide on permit information and FAQ's? 

Click here for a Native Tree Regulation handout.

Looking to develop on a property with native trees?

Click here for a guide on how to install tree protection fencing to save our beautiful trees!

Looking for a general overview of all native tree regulations?

Click here to view the Native Tree Handbook.

Category: Community Development

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local agencies to assess the environmental impacts of certain projects, and notify the public of those impacts prior to approving the projects. Some projects may be “categorically exempt” from CEQA because of their size or nature, or because there is no reasonable possibility that they will significantly affect the environment.  Article 19 of the CEQA Guidelines lists the types of projects that are normally exempt.


Environment Document Number Adoption Date Application Number Project Description Project Representative Project Address
EDN 2020-0001   DEV20-0059 Precise Plan Max Zappas/Z10 LLC 8875, 8895, 8905 San Rafael Rd.
EDN 2019-0009   DEV 19-0057 New SFR David Gales 3625 Ardilla Road
EDN 2019-0008   DEV18-0101 Cottage Hotel Peter Laughlin 6000 Del Rio Road
EDN 2019-0007   DEV18-0103 Mini Storage Scott Newton 11450 Viejo Camino and 11505 El Camino Real
EDN 2019-0006   DEV19-0044 Precise Plan Frank Henderson 2139 San Fernando Road
EDN 2019-0004   DEV18-0115 Precise Plan Andrew Adams 10458 Morro Road
EDN 2019-0003   DEV19-0003 Precise Plan Arthur and Allie Mount 13705 Santa Ana

EDN 2019-0002

  PLN2014-1519 Principal Mixed-use Amendment Barry Ephraim, ECR Principal, LLC 9105, 9107, 9109 Principal Ave, 9300 Pino Solo
EDN 2018-0014 2/27/19 SBDV18-0109 Tentative Parcel Map Dale and Lynn McCrudden 5425 Pescado Court
EDN 2018-0013 2/4/19 DEV18-0070 Precise Plan Bart Thatcher 9175 Balboa
EDN 2018-0012 10/12/18 SBDV18-0058 Lot Line Adjustment Doug Lapp 3050 Arena Road, 3075 Falda Road
EDN 2018-0011 10/25/18 PLN18-1697 Precise Plan Kimmberly Prater 3175 San Fernando Rd.
EDN 2018-0010 8/27/18 DEV18-0060 Bridge Replacement City of Atascadero Via Avee/Atascadero Creek
EDN 2018-0008 8/27/18 PLN 2018-1700 Bridge Replacement City of Atascadero Santa Lucia/Graves Creek 
EDN 2017-0031 10/31/2017 PLN 2017-1661 Autumnly Preschool Shelley Hanlon 3215 El Camino Real
EDN 2017-0030 12/01/2017 PLN 2017-1670/ LLA 2017-0129 Residential Lot Line Adjustment James Cooley  3430 and 3450 Traffic Way
EDN-2017-0029 TBD PLN 2017-1676 Creekside building sale City of Atascadero 6907 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0028 10/26/2017 PLN 2017-1650 Zoning text change City of Atascadero Citywide
EDN-2017-0027 10/17/2017 PLN 2017-1658 Colony home remodel Caring Touch Massage Therapy 7735 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0026 10/17/2017 PLN 2017-1655 Seneca family of agencies Seneca family agencies 6850, 6925, and 6907 Morro Rd
EDN-2017-0025 10/17/2017 PLN 2017-1651 ECR drive through  Dynamic Investments LLC 7300 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0024 10/10/2017 PLN 2017-1633 Adult and Medical Use Cannabis Regulations City of Atascadero Citywide
EDN-2017-0023 8/1/2017 PLN 2017-1652 Tree removal Laurel Tom Graves 9710 Laurel Rd
EDN-2017-0022 11/14/2017 PLN 2017-1660 Single-family residence Russ Brown 10910 Vista
EDN-2017-0021 TBD PLN-2099-0516 New metal multi-purpose building Refuge Church of Atascadero 6955 Portola Road
EDN-2017-0020 8/23/2017 BLD-2017-15049 Demolition of a single family residence Dennis Schmidt 5187 Capistrano
EDN-2017-0019 8/22/2017 PLN-2016-1597 Lot Line Adjustment for Emerald Ridge Peter Laughlin 2535, 2605, 2705 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0018 11/21/2017 PLN-2017-1649 La Plaza Downtown Redevelopment RRM Design Group 6500 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0017 7/11/2017 PLN-2017-1626 Annex Hotel MP Annex 1800, 1860 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0016 6/1/2017 PLN-2017-1632 Multiple accessory structure in residential zoning Gregory Baker 9082 Palomar Ave
EDN-2017-0015 6/28/2017 PLN-2017-1638 New commercial building for retail/restaurant use BogMar Properties
6990 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0014 5/10/2017 PLN-2017-1644 Temporary for-sale signs for Bella Casa Barry Ephraim 9105 Principal Ave
8570 El Corte Rd
9300 Pino Solo Ave
EDN-2017-0013 5/10/2017 PLN-2017-1643 Temporary for-sale signs for Oak Trail Barry Ephraim 5510 Del Rio Road
5310 Carrizo Rd
1535 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0012 5/10/2017 PLN-2017-1640 Temporary for-sale signs for Southside Villa Ben Effraim 9190 San Diego Way
EDN-2017-0011 5/10/2017 PLN-2017-1646 Art mural for The Artery Bobbi Nunes 5890 Traffic Way
EDN-2017-0010 7/24/2017 PLN-2017-1642 Master Plan Development of St. Williams' Church Mark Lowerison 6410 Santa Lucia Rd
EDN-2017-0009 5/2/2017 PLN-2017-1631 Oversized accessory structure in a residential zoning district Mitch Stafford 6955 Balboa Rd
EDN-2017-0008 6/13/2017 PLN-2015-1556 Hartberg Multi-Family Planned Development Chris Seaberg 10850 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0007 6/6/2017 PLN-2017-1635 Minor subdivision to split one (1) lot into two (2) lots. Eric Winslow 8390 Curbrail Ave
EDN-2017-0006 1/25/2017 PLN-2016-1625 Remodel/upgrade to existing restaurant and establishment of micro golf course Dirk Dole 5625 El Camino Real
EDN-2017-0005 4/18/2017 PLN-2016-1621 New modular office building to house spay/neuter clinic Woods Humane Society 2300 Ramona Rd
EDN-2017-0004 3/21/2017 PLN-2016-1622 Oversized accessory structure attached to existing dwelling unit Jon & Amy Voorhies 7255 Balboa Rd
EDN-2017-0003 2/7/2017 PLN-2016-1608 Minor amendments to Sign Ordinance City of Atascadero Citywide
EDN-2017-0002 4/18/2017 PLN-2017-1629 Single Family Residential with cut on slopes >20% Ryan Swift 6910 Lomitas Rd
EDN-2017-0001 TBD PLN-2008-1280 Eagle Ranch Specific Plan / Annexation City of Atascadero / RRM Design Group See Project Page
EDN-2017-0000 4/20/2017 PLN 2011-1399 Centennial Bridge City of Atascadero East Mall


Category: Community Development

Thank you for visiting the City of Atascadero's Climate Action Planning page. Please find information below on the City's efforts to comply with California guidelines on climate action planning and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emmissions reductions, and publicy available resources for related efforts.


Electic Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS):

In compliance with Assembly Bill 1236, the City has adopted and published resources to ensure expidited permits for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS):


Atascadero Climate Action Plan:


Previous Documents:

 Climate Action Planning To be Discussed at Atascadero Design Review Committee

On Thursday, August 16 at 3:30 pm, the City of Atascadero’s Design Review Committee will be holding its first steering committee meeting to discuss the Countywide Climate Action Plan, also known as the Central Coast Greenhouse Gas Planning project. The purpose of the Countywide Climate Action Plan is to assist cities in San Luis Obispo County in developing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the requirements of State’s “AB-32” requirements.

In March 2012, the Atascadero City Council agreed to participate with the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District in a countywide grant to prepare a Climate Action Plan “toolbox.”  This toolbox of possible greenhouse gas reduction measures will be prepared by a consultant, who would quantify the reduction potential and fiscal impact of each potential measure.  Each of the six participating San Luis Obispo County cites would be able to choose measures from the toolbox to complete their own individual Climate Action Plans. 

The Atascadero City Council has appointed the City’s Design Review Committee to act as a steering committee during the Climate Action Planning process.  This existing review committee is made up of two Planning Commissioners, two City Council members and one at-large member.  The Committee’s meetings are always open to the public. 

Next week the Climate Action Plan consultant will be making a presentation to the Atascadero steering committee in order to layout the project objectives, outline the process to expect as we move forward and answer any questions that the Committee or the public may have.  The Committee will provide the consultant and City staff direction on the preparation of the toolbox and Atascadero’s individual Climate Action Plan.    

Additional information about the Central Coast Greenhouse Gas Planning project can be found at  Any information specific to the Atascadero oversight committee meetings will be posted on the City’s Design Review Committee website the week of the meeting.  The Atascadero Climate Action Plan oversight committee will meet on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at City Hall, Council Chambers, 6907 El Camino Real, Atascadero, at 3:30 P.M.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the City of Atascadero Community Development Department at 470-3448.

Category: Community Development





Applications for entitlement projects can be downloaded from the link below. Planning entitlements include Conditional Use Permits (CUPs), Planned Developments (PDs), Lot Line Adjustments (LLA), lot splits, subdivision maps, parcel maps, General Plan Amendments (GPAs), etc. If you have questions in regards to requirements for a specific planning entitlement, please contact the Planning Department and speak to a planner at (805) 461-5035.

Planning Applications are accepted through appointment only, Monday-Friday from 9:00-a.m.-12:00 pm. and 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.  Please call (805) 461-5035 to set up an appointment.

Planning Application

Planning Checklists


Fees for applications are due, in full, at the time of permit submittal. Frequently, the department is asked what is covered in the Planning Fees. Our fees cover Planning Staff's time to review and process an application, which typically include Staff's time to review a project against local, state and federal law, the composition of a staff report, and a public hearing. The more complicated the entitlement project, the higher the fee is.

Please contact the Planning Department at (805) 461-5035 to learn more about fees.


Zoning Ordinance:

The City's rules and regulations are contained in the Municipal Code, Title 9, known as the Zoning Ordinance. These rules govern how, what, and where you can develop your property. The City attempts to keep this information as updated as possible. Please click on the links provided below:

Title 9 Zoning Ordinance

Residential Uses Matrix

Non-Residential Uses Matrix 

Land Use Descriptions

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions



The City of Atascadero supports environmentally friendly construction projects. 

Category: Community Development


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