Friday, March 05, 2021
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Hayward Baker completed the micro piles for testing in the northwest corner of the project site this week. They continue to install the test piles in the southeast corner. The deepest pile drilled so far has gone down 95 feet with 39 feet going into solid bedrock. Soil and bedrock conditions have been consistent with the exploratory borings done by Earth Systems Pacific as part of the soils report they completed in 2004. The drilling effort has been difficult at times because the bedrock is dense and this is ultimately positive for the project. It means the micro piles will be securely anchored into the bedrock below. There have been more deliveries of material and equipment to support the micro pile installation, which is a preview of the months ahead as more contractors mobilize on the project. Diani Building Corp. from Santa Maria and Taft Electric from Solvang are moving into their field offices which are located in the same building as Bernards Construction Management.

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