Saturday, September 19, 2020
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***This page is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

The City makes every effort to maintain forms with the most current infomation. Forms are not guaranteed to have the most current fees or to include all requirements for all project types.

2019 Code Update effective January 01, 2020

Fee Increase effective July 29, 2019



Supplemental Documents:

Form 433

Electric Vehicle - AB1236

Construction Waste/Recycling Management Form


Estimate Request Details - Residential   Commercial

HVAC Replacment Information - Like for like residential replacement only

Owner Builder's Declaration

OSHPD 3 Request Form

Subcontractor's List

Temporary Power Pole Affidavit of Responsibility Agreement

Window Replacement

Construction Valuation Breakdown

Accessibility Declaration of Construction Costs

Application to Request Modification to Code


Tips and Hints for Submittals:

2019 Plan Completeness Guide

2016 Green Building Code

Architect or Engineer Required?

Elements of a Site Plan

Fire Severity Zone Construction Requirements

Foundation Detail -City Approved

Minimum Drawing Requirements

Slope Setback and Clearance

Geotechnical Report Requirements

Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements


Additional Construction Project Related Materials:


Detached Accessory Structure Definitions

Driveway Standard 425

Enhanced Vapor Recorvery System (EVR) Guidelines

Emergency Back-up Generator

Erosion Control Guidelines

Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Garage Door Infill Detai l - City Approved

Gas Isometric - Example

Native Tree Listing

Sewer Tap Requirements - Contact Public Works 805-470-3456

Sewer Single Family Residence Hook-Up - Contact Public Works 805-470-3456

Solar Photovoltaic Labeling Requirements

Swimming Pool Spa and Safety Act of 2006 Antientrapment

Work Exempt from a Permit


Fire Department Access Standards:

F1 - Commercial

F2 - Residential

F3 - Notes and Hose Restrictions

F4 - Driveways

F5 - Location of Dry Line

F6 - Fire Hydrant Location

F7 - Turning Performance Analysis

F8 - Driveway Clearance Standard

Solar Photovoltaic Guideline


Other Non-Construction Related Informational Handouts:

Agency Referral List

Daycare and Preschool Facilities

Disabled vs ADA

Landlord Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

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