Saturday, March 06, 2021
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Citizens' Police Academy

In the spring of 1999 the Atascadero Police Department hosted the first Citizens' Police Academy (CPA). The CPA offered an overview of the daily operations, training, and philosophy of the Department. The CPA provided 24 hours of instruction and practical exercises over an eight-week period that gave the citizens experience and exposure to the functions and duties performed by Department employees and volunteers.

The CPA was created to provide citizens with information to develop a realistic view of the activities and responsibilities of Department members. Patrol operations, laws of arrest, investigations, communications, domestic violence, child abuse, traffic enforcement and DUI arrests are some of the topics covered in classroom instruction. The students also attend demonstrations of canine searches, defensive tactics, and evidence collection. One of the highlights of the CPA consistently seems to be the laser firearm simulator during which the students are subjected to the same split second, life or death, shoot/don't shoot decisions confronting Police Officers in the field.
The goal of the CPA is that the graduates share this information to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement in their community. The Department believes the CPA will strengthen the partnership between the police and the community through a greater understanding and knowledge of law enforcement.
The CPA is open to residents of the greater Atascadero area, eighteen years of age and older. The CPA is tentatively scheduled on an annual basis, subject to the number of interested students.

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