Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Atascadero Police Department 



Our Purpose:  Do Good

Our purpose is to do good and to work toward the greater good even to the detriment of self. 

Our Goal: Be Premier

Our goal is to work toward being the premier law enforcement agency on the central coast. This is a direction.  It is a bold goal, but it is what we should be working toward.

Our Methods: Professionalism, Partnerships, Personal Growth

  • Professionalism- We will be professional in both appearance and practice.  We will demonstrate professionalism by treating others with dignity even in their worst moments.  Professionalism will ensure our reputation amongst the residents of Atascadero, and within the law enforcement community, remains at the highest levels. 
  • Partnerships- We cannot do this job alone.  We will develop and foster good relationships.  We will work with other law enforcement agencies, other city departments, with organizations and with individual members of our community to accomplish our objectives.  
  • Personal Growth- The Atascadero Police Department is committed to providing appropriate training and instruction to the members of our department, but we cannot do it all.  Members are encouraged to seek out opportunities for their own growth including professional training, personal training and other educational opportunities.  Members are encouraged to be good family members and role models within the community.  Who you are away from work is just as important as who you are at work.  



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