Saturday, August 13, 2022
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The CHIPPING PROGRAM for 2022 has been approved for grant funding by San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council.  Registration is now closed.  Chipping services will begin March 1st, 2022.    

Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services would like to thank San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council for their continued support by providing grant funding for this program. 
Thank you to those that participated and making strides to keep Atascadero safe.
  1. Material to be chipped must be clean of hazardous green waste such as brush and treelimbs.
  2. Material Not Allowed: Small twigs or blown down material, trash, rocks, metal, processed lumber, piles of leaves, vines, fruit / nut tree trimmings, Oleander Trees  or POISONOAK.
  3. Note:  All Chipped material will be left onproperty.
  4. Branches must all be stacked in uniform order facing the same direction and may not exceed, 4 inches in diameter. (see photosbelow)
  5. All material must be piled in an easily accessible area, adjacent to the roadway or driveway. Chipping vehicle will not leave the improved roadways/driveways to accesspiles.
  6. Crews will not drag material long distances or overfences.


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