Friday, March 05, 2021
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The removal of the basement concrete slab continued and is complete, including the removal of any loose concrete debris within the exposed basement soil and all stockpiled concrete debris onsite.  The existing exterior concrete ADA ramp and railings were also removed exposing more area around the exterior of building for future foundation work and re-installation of new code complying ADA ramp access into the building.  Exploratory pits were excavated at ten (10) locations within the interior of the basement and exterior of the building.  The pits exposed the existing conditions of the building foundation for Structural review, and verification of the micro-pile system design to stabilize the structure.  The Structural Engineer and Geotechnical consultants were onsite Tuesday January 18, 2011 and viewed the existing conditions.  Soil samples were also taken to verify the acceptance the use of native soils for backfill purposes.  In addition a remedial action plan is in process by the City’s Hazardous Materials Consultant, MECA, for the removal of the unforeseen concrete fuel tank.  The tank will be removed to access the foundation to implement the micro-pile system.  The removal of the tank will proceed following the County Health Department approval of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal plan.  Lead soil abatement will commence next week, includes removal of lead contaminated soils at the basement historic shooting range.


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