Saturday, August 13, 2022
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The City of Atascadero values transparency, especially when it comes to questions regarding the compensation of public employees. The information below provides a wide range of information regarding compensation for City staff.

The Salary Schedule serves as the pay scale for the City Staff. All positions are listed in the scale.

On September 28, 2021, the Atascadero City Council approved salary schedules for the current fiscal year and upcoming two fiscal years, together with 3-year MOU’s for each employee group.

2021-2022 Salary Schedule

2022-2023 Salary Schedule

2023-2024 Salary Schedule

Memorandums of Understanding are signed between the City and each of the City’s four employee associations. MOU’s specify benefits and employment terms for employees in that particular employee association.

2021 - 2024 Fire MOU |  April 2022 Fire Side Letter

2021 - 2024  Police MOU | April 2022 Police Side Letter

2021 - 2024 SEIU MOU | September 2021 SEIU Side Letter | April 2022 SEIU Side Letter

2021 - 2024 Mid-Managers MOU

2021-2024 Executive Management Resolution


Administrative Services

City Manager's Office

Community Development

Community Services

Fire & Emergency Services

Police Department

Public Works

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