Monday, May 29, 2017
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The Atascadero City Hall project begins its transition into the finish phase.  As we progress into October 2012, milestones are beginning to take shape and it shows.  The roof tile at the top dome is complete, in addition to completion of the upper drum wall brick.  The roof top scaffold has began to peel away exposing the completed upper drum repairs.  As the masons continue to complete work up top, the scaffold will continue to drop in preparation to begin the 4th level roofing targeted in November 2012.  Once complete, the masons focus will be on the lower façade brick which will progress into 2013 to complete.  At the interior, the upper rotunda is now roofed and dried in, drywall installation is underway, working our way down to the 4th level council chambers.  On the lower floors, basement, 1st, and 2nd floors are 90% complete with framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough in and ready for drywall.  The 3rd floor is near complete with mechanical rough in, and ready for drywall once the new roofing is placed on the 4th level and weather protected.  In the lower rotunda, the decorative ceiling painting is underway, and its extraordinary features shine and brighten the dome once again.  The excitement of the grand opening is in the air, as we continue to bring the project closer to the finish line in 2013. 


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