Monday, May 29, 2017
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Structural retrofit work is 90% complete, and as the rough in stages continue we approach the beginning of installing new finishes.  Structural work including concrete foundations, shotcrete, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), and dome structural steel is at the peak of topping out 100% complete.  New interior wall framing from basement to 3rd level is near complete.  New Heating and Air Conditioning installation continues; duct work is 75% complete thru ceiling spaces and mechanical shafts, in addition to fire sprinkler systems, electrical, and plumbing rough in.  At the exterior visual changes have occurred with the removal of the dome white shrink wrap.  The dome roof reconstruction is complete and ready for the reinstallation of the clay roof tiles.  Brick replacement and repairs continue at the exterior, with the focus at the high dome.  Once the high dome brick work is complete, the scaffold will be removed in preparation for the placement of the new roof system.  Once all the roof structures are complete and water tight, the finish stage begins in full swing.  The Historic City Hall will now begin to takes its form in our last year of construction, and the excitement of soon occupying the Historic Structure becomes reality once again.


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