Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Wysong Construction has completed 93 pile caps so far with 27 remaining. The basement walls have been excavated around the exterior on the north and south sides of the building for the pile cap installation. These huge piles of  dirt are stockpiled on the site and can be seen over the fences. All pile cap installation and foundation stabilization will be completed by mid-February. The next phase of work in the basement will be the shotcrete concrete installation next to the existing foundation walls. This 8" thick concrete wall will reinforce the existing foundation walls and be the starting point for reinforcing the entire building shell from the basement to the top of the 3rd floor. Eagle Shotcrete is installing the reinforcing steel and epoxy dowels in the brick walls along the perimeter of the 1st, , 2nd  and 3rd  floors as they prepare for shotcrete at those levels of the building. Structural reinforcing work continues at the top of the building inside the white shrink wrap cover. Diani Building Corp. has completed a concrete bond beam at the top of the brick mezzanine wall. This new perimeter beam will reinforce the top of the wall and create a connection point for the existing steel frame that supports the upper rotunda and roof framing. Diani will continue to install new wood framing connections and begin to rebuild the upper part of the building. Preservation Arts has been cleaning and preparing the exterior brick that was removed during demolition for re-installation. They have started to remove, repair, and replace the earthquake damaged exterior brick surfaces at the 1st floor level on the Lewis Avenue side of the building. The project remains on schedule with completion expected in mid-2013. 

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