Friday, April 28, 2017
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The foundation micropiles are now complete and the next phase of work to stabilize the building foundation has started. Wysong Construction is installing a shoring system in the basement using heavy wood timbers to temporarily support the building while they install new concrete pile caps under the existing building footings. Once the shoring is installed, Wysong will carefully excavate under the existing footings, install reinforcing steel(rebar), and place new the concrete pile caps. The new pile caps will also be connected to the micropiles by encasing them in the concrete cap. When completed, the entire building weight will be transferred to the new pile caps and micropiles that are embedded in the bedrock 60 feet below the surface. The top of the building is now covered in a heavy plastic sheeting referred to as shrink wrap because as it was installed, it was heated to make it taut. This cover will provide weather protection for the structural reinforcement  work that is underway at the top of the building. The multi-phase reinforcement includes brick removal, a new concrete beam that will tie the perimeter of the roof dome together and new structural steel members to strengthen the upper portions of the structure. Inside the building, the abatement work is complete up to the 2nd floor. Shotcrete, a system of applying concrete through a hose at high velocity, will be used to strengthen the interior perimeter of the building. The existing wood framed walls and ceilings have been removed already on the 1st and 2nd floors to expose the interior brick surfaces. Rebar is being installed next to the brick and attached at regular intervals with high strength epoxy. A minimum of 8" thick shotcrete will be applied to interior walls from the basement to the top of the 3rd floor. All work is progressing on schedule. 

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