Friday, April 28, 2017
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Hayward Baker and Wysong Construction continue to install piles around the exterior building perimeter and in the basement area. Over 120 of the total 248  piles have been installed so far. Historic materials have been removed on the first and second floor. Diani Building Corp. will move up to the 3rd floor next week and start removals on  the upper floors of the building. Channel Coast Construction has sealed off the 1st floor to remove all lead-based and asbestos containing materials as they demolish interior walls, ceilings and flooring. The hazardous materials abatement will be done throughout the building during the next two months. The second tier of scaffold will be erected around the upper dome next week followed by the clay tile roof removal. All of this removal work at the upper dome area is required for the major structural upgrades that must be done at the top of the building which will include a new concrete perimeter beam and structural steel reinforcement. Similarly, the interior wall demolition will allow access to the original building walls that must be reinforced to resist seismic forces. Starting from the foundation piles, the process of stabilizing the building from the ground up is underway. 

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