Friday, April 28, 2017
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Micro pile installation started in the basement area on July 13th. Hayward Baker and Wysong Construction are focused on installing the new piles under the existing foundations that support the center or rotunda area of the building. Some of the greatest building loads are concentrated in this area because the highest part of the building sits on these foundations which includes the grand dome roof. The sequence of micro pile installation is based on carefully re-supporting the building foundations without risking any building movement during the foundation phase.

Diani Building Corp. is now inside the building marking all historic building components that will need to be removed and saved. Some of these components include the original wood base, wood doors, and wood widow trims. All of these items will be carefully cataloged, removed, stored, and re-installed in the new construction phase. Alpha Fire Protection has started to repair the dry standpipe system to insure there is proper fire protection during construction. Alpha, Scott Murray Plumbing ,Taft Electric and Santa Margarita Construction will remove piping, mechanical and electrical systems through out the building and basement once demolition gets underway in August.


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