Monday, May 29, 2017
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On October 12, 2010, at the regularly scheduled meeting, Council will review and consider for adoption a process to pre-qualify contractors for bid package ACH-08, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, Demolition, Historical Fabric, Shotcrete Structural Stabilization, and Interior Finishes.

Bid package ACH-08 contains the historic work on the rehabilitation of the Administration Building. In order to fully comply with all of the complex historical and FEMA-funded regulations, it is imperative that the contractor have extensive technical knowledge and background in similar projects. The process would allow a pre-qualification of potential bidders by their responses to a series of objective criteria. Contractors would need to meet the established minimum score in order to bid on this portion of the project.

The pre-qualification process would apply only to bid package ACH-08. Sub-contractors will not need to pre-qualify.

If approved, the pre-qualification process will begin in mid-October. Qualified bidders should expect bid documents to go out for ACH-08 in January, 2011.

Draft Pre-qualification Process Manual

October 12, 2010 Staff Report to Council on Pre-qualification Process

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