Friday, April 28, 2017
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Official Ground Breaking fora
ALPS Three Bridges Oaks Preserve Trailhead Project
The City of Atascadero is pleased to announce that  the construction work on the Three Bridges  Trail Project  commenced  the  first  week  of  October. The  project,  which  will  provide  access  to  the  Three Bridges Oak Preserve trail system, is  currently being completed by the Atascadero Land Preservation Society (ALPS) and is expected to open in the spring of 2017. 
The Three Bridges  trail project  will  feature  a  beautiful hiking,  biking  and horseback riding  trail.  The trail itself is  well manicured  and includes  creative switchbacks  to expose the visitor to  a wide variety of natural sights including streams, a variety of trees and topography, scenic vistas and at the top of the trail,  a breathtaking view to look forward to. The ALPS team has  spent  countless  volunteer hours  to build the trail, thinking of everything to make it a rewarding experience. 
Once the Trailhead is complete,  it will provide parking for vehicles and horse trailers, informational signage  and  a  secondary  emergency  access  to  Highway  41  from  Carmelita  Avenue. The  project includes roadway construction and widening, construction of a creek culvert crossing, installation of retaining  walls  and  relocation  of  existing  utilities,  and  is  being  constructed  by  Andrew  Brown Incorporated (ABI) with an awarded construction cost of $394,498.   The Trailhead project is expected to be completed by mid-December, but given the time of year completion is contingent upon weather conditions.

Ground breaking ALPS Trailhead (LR): Council Member Bob Kelley, 
Council Member Brian Sturtevant, Mayor Tom O’Malley, 
Council Member Roberta Fonzi & Mayor Pro Tem Heather Moreno.
For more information, please contact Nick DeBar, Director of the Public Works Department at 805-470-3456, 


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